Neighbourhood Planning

If you decide to allocate housing in your neighbourhood plan, you can find out more about the additional regulatory requirements


Design is a key area where the neighbourhood plan can have influence. This relates to the appearance of buildings, but also their layout, scale, density and how the building and area functions.


We have in the past assisted communities to undertake Character Appraisals (see Tilney All Saints Appraisal), however, there is now a comprehensive package of technical support available to local communities through Locality, including Design Guidelines.


Most communities we work with commission AECOM, through Locality to undertake this work, however, there remains real benefit from communities being heavily involved in this aspect. Ultimately the design policy within your Neighbourhood Plan will be underpinned by this evidence.

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Principle Residence Housing

A number of communities we’ve worked with have included a policy on Principle Residence Housing in their Neighbourhood Plan.


This introduces requires all new homes to be occupied as the sole or main home of the occupant – rather than be used as a second or holiday home.


This needs to be supported by sufficient justification and evidence of impact which can be gathered by looking at data such as council tax and understanding views of local residents. For Winterton-on-Sea we produced an evidence document to support inclusion of such a policy (see Winterton Evidence).

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Environmental Screening / Assessment

All Neighbourhood Plans will become part of the development plan for the area and therefore must be screened for environmental impacts.


This includes Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment. If you are allocating sites for development in your plan it is likely that you will need a SEA and possibly HRA.


We undertake the screening assessments and submit these to the district council for their consideration in consultation with the Statutory Environmental Bodies. Here’s an example. We also complete full SEA assessments.

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