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Fleggburgh Neighbourhood Plan

Fleggburgh is a parish of three villages - Burgh St Margaret, Clippesby and Billockby. It includes an area of the Broads National Park and Burgh Common & Muckfleet Marshes, important areas for wildlife that the community are keen to protect as part of developing their Neighbourhood Plan.


So far we have:

  • Provided advice to the community on developing a Neighbourhood Plan and its purpose

  • Developed an evidence base to support the plan

  • Supported the community to undertake a consultation

  • Assessed key views and local green spaces for inclusion in the plan

  • Drafted the pre-submission plan

  • Undertaken an SEA screening assessment

Recent Projects


Successful application in a Conservation Area

We were brought into a project which had been refused permission for a number of reasons in a Conservation Area of a North Norfolk village, very near to the Grade 1 listed church. It was appealed and although it was dismissed by the Planning Inspector, only one reason for refusal remained, with the others having been successfully argued away in our appeal statement. The sole remaining reason was overcome by a relatively straightforwarded redesign of the front dormers by an architect, and a resubmission has been granted permission.

Successful rural worker application 

We recently supported an applicant to gain permission for a rural workers dwelling at a farm in Breckland. The farm places a high emphasis on conservation, having been managed under the Higher Stewardship Scheme with Natural England for the last 10 years. The applicant is expanding on this to develop a nature reserve, with the new dwelling intended to be used to employ a warden. 

Appeal success

Success at Appeal

We've achieved planning consent for a single dwelling in Aslacton, successfully overturning the Planning Authority's decision at appeal. 

Although within the settlement boundary the site was originally refused due to its affect on the character and appearance of the area. CCP was able to demonstrate that it was in keeping and appropriate

Regeneration of Druids Heath

CCP are providing strategic advice and support to Birmingham City Council’s biggest and highest priority estate regeneration scheme. The estate, Druids Heath, is the poorest council estate in England and on top of poor quality housing and tower blocks, has a number of social issues, not least high levels of unemployment. The £43m physical regeneration programme will involve the demolition of tower blocks, the refurbishment of houses, and the building of around 250 new homes. In addition, open spaces will be landscaped. The aim is to use this as a driver to deliver greater social change by working closely with the community.

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Guestwick is a small rural community in Broadland. There hasn't been any new build housing in the last 50 years, only conversions and extensions. The community would like to use the Neighbourhood Plan as a way of delivering sensitive growth to a high design quality, reflecting their Design Guide. We've supported them by developing an evidence base. 

Guestwick Neighbourhood Plan


Winterton-on-Sea is a vibrant seaside village. Their Neighbourhood Plan focuses on creating a balanced community that meets the needs of both residents and visitors.


We have supported them to:

  • Undertake an issues an options consultation with the community

  • Write the pre-submission draft

  • Undertake an SEA/HRA screening assessment

  • Undertake  Regulation 14 consultation

Winterton-on-Sea Neighbourhood Plan

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Filby Neighbourhood Plan

Filby is a pretty village in the Broads. The community are keen to use their Neighbourhood Plan to protect and enhance the natural environment and ensure that any future development meets the needs of their current and future residents. We have supported the community through all stages of the plan's development, including work with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to develop green corridors that will be a focus for habitat creation and enhancement in the parish. At Regulation 14 Natural England responded "Your draft plan is really excellent in terms of protecting and enhancing the environment, one of the best I have seen recently."

Filby's final plan has been submitted to the borough council and is awaiting examination. 

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Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan

DDNP involves 7 parishes working together from two district council areas and is one of the most complex in the country as a result. The plan will create an effective growth strategy for the area, delivering around 500 new homes. Alongside this it will identify a new walking and cycling network, designate local green spaces, identify key views and heritage assets that are important to the local community. We have supported DDNP to:

  • Develop an evidence base to support the plan;

  • Undertake a character appraisal to identify local green spaces, key views, non-designated heritage assets and walking and cycling links;

  • Appraise sites to deliver housing growth

  • Consult the community on issues and options for the plan 


Rollesby in Great Yarmouth Borough is looking to allocate sites as part of their Neighbourhood Plan, ensuring they have most influence on the location of new housing growth in their community. We've assisted them with: 

  • Consultation on issues and potential sites to be allocated

  • Negotiation with Norfolk County Council as the local landowner and their agent NPS about potential sites

  • Provided advice on site allocation

  • Supported the community to attract additional technical support from Locality

  • Written a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan

  • Undertaken a Strategic Environmental Assessment to support the plan

  • Helped the community with Regulation 14 Consultation

  • Finalised the plan for submission to the borough council with it now awaiting examination

Rollesby Neighbourhood Plan

Tilney All Saints

Neighbourhood Plan

We've been working with Tilney All Saints since December 2018. They'd already drafted their Neighbourhood Plan but asked for our help in finalising this and ensuring policies were firmly evidenced. We have:

  • Developed their evidence base

  • Provided advice on undertaking a character appraisal

  • Undertaken a review of current policies and revised the draft plan

  • Completed an SEA/HRA Screening Assessment

  • Supporting the working group to consult on their pre-submission draft

  • Helped finalise the plan for submission and examination