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Planning & Development Services

We provide a full range of planning and development services throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Specialising in very challenging applications, we have an excellent success rate.

Pre-application advice

We’re able to provide:

  • Initial advice on potential planning opportunities and likely constraints

  • Site visit and assessment work

  • Preparation of pre-application proposals

  • Liaison with the local planning authority on potential planning proposals and the likely chances of success or constraints that need to be mitigated

  • Engagement with the local community to help build local support for proposals


Planning applications

We provide a full range of planning application services including:

  • Management of the process including coordinating input from the architect and technical advisors such as ecology, contamination, topography, heritage and landscape.

  • Provision of a design, access and planning statement to effectively set out your case for development in relation to prevailing policies and material considerations.

  • Site visit to discuss the details and merits of your proposal.

  • Engagement with the local community to foster support for your proposal.

  • Submission of the application on the planning portal.

  • Liaison with the local planning authority case officer following submission.

  • Dealing with objections following submission of your application.

  • Attendance at planning committee to make the case for your proposal.

  • Advise on planning conditions and reserved matters following planning consent.


Planning appeals

If your planning application has been refused by the planning authority it is possible to appeal the decision within 6 months. We’re able to support you by:

  • Providing advice on your chances of winning at appeal.

  • Preparing and submit the appeal on your behalf.

  • Providing final comments in response to the local planning authority’s appeal statement.


Planning service for Town and Parish Councils

We have a strong track record of working with local councils to influence development and can provide:

  • Professional advice on planning applications in your area.

  • Support or written representations for planning objections, helping you to make the most effective case in policy terms.

  • Have you considered developing a Neighbourhood Plan, which gives you more influence over planning decisions in your area (link to our neighbourhood plan webpage).


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We deal with a full range of projects, from very small one house applications to major estate or industrial development

Our services include: