Neighbourhood Planning

As experts in policy development we can assist your community in developing a Neighbourhood Plan that meets your needs, conforms to requirements and will be passed by an Independent Examiner

Develop an Evidence Base  

A good evidence base is the foundation of your Neighbourhood Plan. As experienced analysts we can draw out key planning issues for you from a variety of data on housing, economy, environment, transport, deprivation and population. 

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Undertake a Character Appraisal

This is an important tool for informing housing policies, particularly those relating to design. We can support your community to undertake a Character Appraisal, either through a guided walk or by providing a toolkit for you to use independently.

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Write your Neighbourhood Plan

It's important that your plan is evidence based, has effective planning policies that will influence development and clear instruction for their delivery. As experts in policy development we can assist in the writing of your Neighbourhood Plan or undertake a policy analysis of what you've written. 

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Consult your Community


A Neighbourhood Plan should be community led and you will need to demonstrate that your residents have been engaged.  We can advise on how best to consult your community, provide you with tools that will help and analyse the feedback you receive so that it effectively supports your plan. 

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Undertake SEA and HRA Technical Assessments

Your Neighbourhood Plan will need to meet some basic conditions. One of these is that you have fully considered the impact it will have on the environment. We can complete the required technical assessments on your behalf, including an SEA Screening Assessment on your draft plan. 

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Develop Maps for your Plan

Maps are really helpful in identifying special sites in your community that you would like to protect or enhance, and it's important that your plan contains at least one policy map. We can use our specialist software to develop professional maps for your plan. 

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Guidance on neighbourhood planning during the C-19 pandemic

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